Commercial Recycling

In the past, the majority of waste was dumped in landfills. For a long time, the only alternative to landfill disposal of waste was incineration. In addition to wasting huge amounts of natural resources and energy, these practises also produced considerable pollution on the land, in groundwater and in the air.

Advantages of Recycling

Recycling varying materials, such as for example, paper, plastics and metal; wood and glass, helps to:

  • Preserve natural habitats (less logging; less mining, drilling for oil, etc; reduced need for landfill sites)
  • Extend the availability of natural resources (wood; oil used in the manufacture of plastics; raw materials for metals, glass, etc)
  • Reduce air, ground and water pollution
  • Save energy (recycling materials typically uses less energy than creating them from raw materials)

For obvious reasons, energy saving in itself also reduces the consumption of irreplaceable materials (oil, coal, natural gas) and pollution otherwise resulting from generating the required energy in the first place. Typical energy savings (in percentages) by recycling certain materials rather than dumping them on landfills and manufacturing more of the same are:

  • Aluminium 95%
  • Plastics 70%
  • Steel 60%
  • Paper 40%
  • Glass 30%
  • Cardboard 24%

Considering the overall saving in raw materials; preservation of natural habitats and reduction of land, air and groundwater pollution, this highlights the urgent need to recycle as much of our waste as possible.

Simpson ECO Skip Hire & Recycling

We take the need to preserve the environment for future generations very seriously. For this reason, we:

  • Thoroughly sort all waste before collection (this is done by our staff at no extra cost to customers)
  • Have sorted materials delivered to specific recycling plants by dedicated tipper drivers
  • Operate waste transfer stations that are compliant with guidelines provided by the Environmental Services Agency (ESA) only

Our Commitment to the Preservation of the Environment

Because we care very deeply about what happens to the world around us, we have made a commitment to ensure that at least 80% of the waste we collect every day in our skips is recycled. Thanks to the endless dedication and efforts of our team, the actual percentage of waste recycled by us is, more often than not, 90% or above.

Your turn..

By hiring your skips from Simpson ECO Skip Hire London, you are helping to make London and the South East a better place to live in today and in the future, so don’t delay, contact us today for all your waste management and recycling requirements.

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